The 2003 Boulder Yacht Club Annual Women's Hearn Cup Race
Blustery weather, stalwart sailors and great home cookin' make for a perfect weekend

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01.mary.revving.crowd 02.women.sailors 03.misbhaven.crew 04.magic.dragon.crew
Mary revving up the crowd. Hearn cup crews and
wanna be's.
Crew of Miss-B-Haven Crew of Magic Dragon.
05.brigadoon.crew 06.troubledoll.crew 07.bobindrag 08.boyswillbeboys
Crew of Brigadoon Trouble Doll chorus line Bob in drag Boys will be boys
09.troubledoll.ready 10.troubledoll.depart 11.misbhaven.ready 12.misbhaven.depart
Trouble Doll crew
ready to race
Trouble Doll getting
 under way
Miss-B-Haven crew
eager to race
Miss-B_Haven Cheesecake