Boulder Yacht Club

The Great Flood of Spring 2002

In May 2002 Carlyle Lake flooded to the highest levels ever recorded. The lake levels was 459.5 feet, 14.5 feet above summer pool of 445 ft.

All of the facilities on the lake were closed except Boulder Marina. However, access to the docks was only available via dinghy and barge donated by Don Bollmeier. During the flood flotsam made sailing hazardous.

After a couple of months, the lake returned to normal pool and groundings were again a common occurrence.

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Looking out the harbor. No rip rap to be seen.

Photos by: Bud Meade, Craig Andrews, Rey Neville

Bill ponders.

To the docks.

Don't drop the line.

Doing well.


Sign of the times.

Room at the crane.


Cauldron float test.

Where's the ferry?

Oh, there it is.

It could be worse.

Where's the bridge?