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The Yahoo Groups discussion list allows subscribed members to post messages that will be received by all other subscribed members. This permits us to communicate to the entire BoulderYC subscribed group. Use it to discuss issues and topics of mutual  interest relating to boating, our yacht club or or anything else that would be of interest to other members of the club.

We have established this as a controlled access list. This means only current members of BYC may join the e-mail list, post to the list or read the web-based listings. NO JUNK MAIL.

After joining, it will take a day or so until we can verify your name against the current membership list and enroll you on the Yahoo Groups BoulderYC list. This gives us assurance that intruders and lurkers will not access nor post to the list.

Because this is an WWW based service, you can read postings on the web as well as receive them in your e-mail. In order to view the web version you must register with Yahoo Groups. and get a Yahoo ID. This is a good idea, however, as it lets subscribers log in and review old mail or by clicking the subscriber email that individual directly.


To see a description of the list and join up, click here.

Or, just enter your e-mail address in the text block below and click Join.

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